Rock Of Salvation Ministries is the House of Prayers for All Nations. We bring the good news of Jesus Christ to all people that they may know Him and receive power to be called children of God. We do this through the ministry of prayers and the word of God. Our message will help you fight and defeat real problems and get ahead in life. Contact us about whatever situation you are dealing with.

Would you like to know Jesus personally? 

We offer you a great chance to gain a clear knowledge of Him, and a chance to receive Him and the free salvation that He offers. Check out the articles posted in the “Jesus & You” Channel. These are simple and interesting reads.

Do you already know Jesus personally, and are saved?

Then we offer you multiple opportunities to deepen your personal knowledge of Him, and to study His words and acquire the understanding and power that you need to live to your full potential every day. Salvation prepares you for life in the age to come, but the word of God prepares you for a successful life here on earth. Check out our LifeLine and Prayer Channels first. You’ll be blessed with great insights into practical daily issues.

Are you just a casual browser? 

Don’t worry; we do not adapt technologies that force you to read what you don’t like. Take your time to browse through all the channels. We pray that you’ll find something interesting, exciting and useful to you.
If you are willing, join hands with us as partners to keep this message going. God will bless you abundantly. If you would like to share your thoughts about Bible.com, please write to us by using our contact form.

By His Grace,
The RockSal Team

Dr. Bassey J.S. Efiok, President and Senior Pastor

Mrs. Edna D. Efiok, Director, Board Of Trustees

Mr. Ramsey Daminabo, Director, Board Of Trustees

Dr. Commie Anana-Jack, Director, Board Of Trustees

Mr. Joseph Martinez, Pastoral Assistant


Thank you for visiting the online home of Rock of Salvation Ministries. If you are located in or around the Washington DC metro area and are looking for a new church home, RockSal is the place for you. We invite you to join our family.


About once a week, we will send you the tools of empowerment. These are precise Prayer Points and Teachings to enable you pray effectively to God for more answers, and to fire up your spiritual growth.

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