Welcome and thank you for your interest in supporting the work of God. Your generous Offering makes it possible for Rock of Salvation Ministries to take the life-saving message of God’s saving, delivering and healing grace to the world.

We speak one message to the world – “Step out and receive the abundant grace of God. For God has surely seen all your troubles, and has taken the steps to deliver and save you from them all, and to give you a distinguished abundant and everlasting life.”

The Gospel is free to all, but it cost a lot of money to take it to the people. For example, we are currently building up our web-based mass media infrastructure to enable us reach people worldwide with the good news of Jesus Christ. We are also developing new concepts on using the print medium effectively to reach remote rural populations and the poor who cannot afford the cost of technological communication. These are expensive projects.

Your kind donations will certainly give us the help that we need to reach the nations with the Good News of Christ Jesus, and will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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