Hello friend, welcome to our Jesus & You page. Are you curious about who this Jesus is and what He can do for you? You’ve come to the right place!

Jesus is, by far, the most important person you should know, and the salvation that He gives, is by far, the most important gift you should get. Why? This is because He is the only One who can give you everlasting life to enable you live forever with God. You see, there is life beyond the 70 to 100 years that people live on this earth. This life is forever and there are only two ways to live it: (1) peacefully and joyfully in God’s presence or, (2) terribly and tragically in a place of everlasting torment.

Because of His great love for you, He is calling and waiting for you to come and receive this everlasting life. Read the following articles to discover more facts on this and how you can connect with Him. Enjoy!


Who Is This Jesus?

Welcome dear friend! Be fully assured that millions of others around the world are also curious about who Jesus Christ is, and this is a great...

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What is Salvation

What Is Salvation And How Do I Get It? Physical Meaning Of SalvationThe saving of a person from harm, destruction, or other adverse situations is...

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Why You Need Jesus

There are two main reasons that you need Jesus in your lives:1. Jesus is the only One who can help you escape the deadly consequences...

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Steps to Salvation

God Loves You Very DearlyGod created all of us and is, therefore, our heavenly Father. As a Father, He has loved us very dearly. Consider this...

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