The ABCs Of Praying II: Basic Techniques

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The Simplest Prayer
Praying to God is simple. All that you have to do are as follows:
1. Separate yourself from distraction and go to a place where you can be alone.
2. Stand up, or sit down or lie flat on the floor and close your eyes.
3. When you are praying for needs, be sure to always ask God the Father in the name of Jesus. Jesus wants us to pray to the Father in His name, but it is also alright to praise, glorify and thank Him (Jesus) also.
4. Acknowledge God the Father and praise Him.
5. Begin to speak to Him what you wish to pray about; making sure that you sound natural and respectful. Do not try to sound religious or sound like others. Just speak the way that you normally speak, but be respectful.
6. That’s all!

An Expanded Simple Prayer:
But let me suggest to you a better way that will help to draw you closer to God, and make your prayers more effective in drawing God’s answers? What is given below is for a personal daily prayer session of one or more hours. Modify it as appropriate to include family members or other prayer partners.

Essentials Needs:
1. Choose a daily prayer time of at least one hour, and try to pray at about this same time
2. Choose a place in your home or other facilities that you like. Try to pray at this same place
3. Make sure a bible is available in this room in case you need it.
4. Make sure there is a chair in this room in case you need to sit down.

Praying The Prayer
1. Begin Your Prayer With Praise:
As taught earlier(see The ABCs Of Prayers I), always begin your prayers with praise and thanksgiving; during which you acknowledge God the Father and genuinely praise Him. You can do this by simply praising Him verbally, but it is a better practice to blend your praise with singing and recitation: Let us expand on this:
a. Sing a few songs of praise and thanksgiving to God.
b. In between the songs, thank God with your own words, and praise Him for what He has done and will do for you.
c. Also recite scriptures of praise and thanksgiving.
d. Let these go on for about 15 or more minutes.

2. Worship God From Your Heart
Abandon all your troubles and cares. Turn your thoughts inwards to focus on only God, His love and His goodness. Worship Him in one or more of the following ways:
a. Softly sing songs of worship to Him.
b. Softly praise and adore Him by saying your words of praise to Him.
c. Softly recite scriptures of praise and adoration to Him.
d. Let these go on for about 15 or more minutes.

3. Present Your Petition
Your petitions may be a Supplication, an Intercession, a Thanksgiving, a Praise, or a combination of them (See the ABCs of Prayers Part I). If a Supplication or an Intercession, limit the number of items that you request of God to a maximum of three per prayer session. This will enable you to spend more time praying on each request, and will also make your prayers more effective. Avoid bringing a long list of requests to God, for such prayers are not effective in drawing answers from Him.
Plead each of your cases intermittently; breaking and remaining silent for a short while, and expecting feedback from the Holy Spirit. If fresh ideas relating to what you are praying about, enter your mind (most often, words from the scriptures), pray on those ideas. That is the Holy
Spirit helping you. Continue pleading your cases for about 30 minutes or more. Finally say to the Father as follows: In Jesus name I pray, Amen. You are done!