Prayer for Effective Mission Campaigns

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As we continue to prepare for our International Gospel Campaigns, let us take time to focus more prayers on our maiden trip which should take place in the next six months. Mission campaigns seek to deliver the gospel  to people so they can hear and be saved. We can deliver a partial gospel by just preaching the word on the pages of the bible. Well, people will still hear it and few will still be saved, but we shall end up making powerless disciples with just a trickle of life flowing in them.
Preaching the Full Gospel
Alternatively, we can deliver the full gospel by preaching the word with power and with the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. In this case, multitudes shall hear and a great number of them will be saved. Those saved will be powerful disciples with abundant life flowing in them.
       Though we can make a choice, we prefer the later alternative; which is to preach the full gospel so that our mission campaigns can be effective in producing the right kind of disciples; full of power and abundant life, and able to reproduce themselves for a great harvest. Scripture declares this:  “…our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance…” This is the full gospel – the type that was preached by the Apostles to produce the early church, full of power and life. Let us imitate them, and to this end pray as follows to prepare ourselves:
Prayer Focus for the Full Gospel
(1). Pray that, as we prepare to take our maiden mission trip, that the Lord will send us out in the Holy Spirit to enable us preach the full gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.
(2). Pray that while we preach the gospel, the Holy Spirit will fall upon all those who will be hearing the word (Acts 10:44).
(3). Pray that the hand of the Lord will be with us so that great multitudes will believe and turn to the Lord (Acts 11:21).