Prevailing Prayers II: The Fire Power That Makes Them Prevail

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Hello Friend,
I salute you again in the name of Jesus. May God answer your prayers today and grant you those things that you have been praying for. Amen.
We continue to share with you, keys to effective and prevailing prayers. In this issue, we focus on the most potent of the keys: The power of the Holy Spirit. Read on.

Prevailing Prayers & the Role of The Holy Spirit
The desire of everyone who prays is to receive the answer to his or her prayers fast. A prayer that goes forth with great power to enable it draw an answer from God, is a Prevailing or Effective Prayer. Of the keys to effective prayers (see Vol.16), the Holy Spirit stands out as the one who brings into our prayers, not only the fire power of God, but greater strength to our faith, to ensure that our prayers prevail before God, and that we are spiritually built up during the prayer. (Jude 1:20, Col 2:14-19).

Recognize Weakness in Your Prayers
The help of the Holy Spirit is so essential to prevailing prayers that we cannot do without it. Indeed, we cannot get any of our prayers answered without His help. Why? It’s because we are often ignorant of what really caused the issue that we are praying about, and as such, we are ignorant of how to pray the prayer. For example, when you don’t have the money to pay your bills, you pray to God for more money. Do you know that God will not answer that prayer if insufficient income is not the reason that you are not rich enough to pay your bills? Do you really know why you don’t have enough money? Is it a physical or spiritual problem? If you don’t know, you are not asking for the right thing, and God will not answer. No wonder why most of our prosperity prayers don’t get answered!

Let the Holy Spirit Help with Fire Power
The Holy Spirit is able to help us overcome our human weaknesses so that we can prevail in prayers. Here is what the scriptures say about it: “For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered.” Romans 8:26
What this means is that when we have established the right prayer conditions that enable us to pray in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will help us overcome our spiritual weaknesses by interceding for us, either by quickening our spirit to say the right prayers, or by praying for us on His own using His own groaning language (The phrase “groaning that cannot be uttered” suggests that the Spirit is not praying through us for we cannot even utter His groaning).
Indeed, it is the will of God that all our prayers be directed by the Holy Spirit. Hence, the scriptures urge us repeatedly to pray in the Holy Spirit. For example: “…pray(ing) always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit…” (Ephesian 6:18) “…build(ing) yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit…” (Jude 1:20). If you really want more of your prayers answered, take this advice seriously.

What You Should Do
Your next questions really should be: what are the conditions that will enable me to pray in the Holy Spirit? And how do I establish these conditions? Briefly, these conditions are: 1. Holiness and 2. Purposefulness. Let’s explain a little bit:

1. Let Holiness Dominate Your Life:
Holiness is spiritual purity, or the absence of sin. God’s holiness is 100%, and as such, there is no sin in Him. But human holiness ranges from 0% to 100%. To be able to pray in the Holy Spirit, you must live life at a decent level of holiness, to enable you to establish and maintain continual fellowship with the Holy Spirit. And how do you do that?
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God Almighty, and is also the Spirit of Christ Jesus; God’s Son. He is called the Spirit of holiness because He is 100% holy. Yes, there is no trace of sin in Him. He abhors sin, unrighteousness, faithlessness, and disobedience. But He delights in holiness, righteousness, faithfulness, and obedience.
       Do you want the Holy Spirit to help you pray prevailing prayers? Then create His desirable conditions in your life: Let the holiness and righteousness of God dominate your life. You do this by practicing what are holy and righteous before God. Be always obedient to God and His words. Seek to fulfill Though you cannot produce much righteousness and holiness by yourself, if you walk in obedience before God, He’ll cover you with much of His holiness and righteousness. Do these yand then watch out for His leading. Persist until you have discerned how He communicates with you. You’ll discover a very loving friend who is eager to help you pray with perseverance; that is, to help you pray the kind of prayers that God delights in answering. He is also willing to help you succeed in other Godly aspects of your life. 

2. Align Yourself With His Purpose:
The Holy Spirit is a very purposeful being with a specific purpose to accomplish while He is here on earth (John 14:26, 16:13, 15:26-27, 16:8). He enters into a person’s life, not just to bring the sweet presence of God into the person’s life, but most importantly, to help the person accomplish His purposes. He’ll give you plenty of help in prayers if you align yourself with His purpose.
And what is this purpose of the Holy Spirit? In a nutshell, He teaches the word of God to Christians, and guides them to recognize what is the true will of God. This will is that God is not willing that anyone should perish, but that all should come to repentance and be saved (2 Pet 3:9). And to non-Christians, He testifies to them that Jesus is real, and convicts them of their need to abandon sin and to seek Jesus and His righteousness, so that He may save them from the terrible judgment that all sinners shall face. In short, the purpose of the Holy Spirit is to work with Christians to get people saved.
And the fastest way to endear yourself to the Holy Spirit, and to receive His help in prayers, is to align yourself with this purpose, and allow Him to use you for this purpose. You do not have to abandon your work or business to do this. Critically examine how you spend your time daily. Is the purpose of the Holy Spirit a part of your daily activities? If so, is it a significant part? If you answered no to any of the questions, are you willing to make His purpose a significant part of your life? If you share in the purpose of the Holy Spirit, you’ll certainly receive much help from Him to pray prevailing prayers.

If you let holiness dominate your life, and also align yourself with the purpose of the Holy Spirit, He is going to inject His fire power into your prayers to gradually transform them into prevailing prayers. Also, what He hears from heaven about you, He will declare it to you. And your spiritual life will be greatly enriched.